Monday, April 30, 2012

Diablo III - Evil is Back TV Spot

As fans prepare for the release of Diablo III, which is launching on May 15th, Blizzard just released a new action packed TV Spot with the game's epic cinematics. Maybe you might just see it on TV.

God Of War Ascension Gameplay Released

A short video of GoW: Ascension gameplay was released today. It shows a small bit of team-based multiplayer action as the two unknown heros defeat two cyclops. The new game will feature a new multiplayer mode. Where each player choses a god to worship and levels his skills/stats. The game looks good enough to make Xbox gamers jealous. Without further adieu, here is the multiplayer video.

Midnight Purple 3DS Confirmed in North America

Nintendo has confirmed today that the Midnight Purple 3DS will launch on the same day that Mario Tennis Open will launch, on May 20th. The rumour from the previous post said it will be released in North America and the word from Nintendo confirmed it to be released in the region. However, there is no confirmation that it will launch in other regions.

However, in Japan, the Midnight Purple 3DS will be released after the Colbalt Blue, and in North America the Midnight Purple will be released first.

Anyway, there are some new 3DS pictures that you can check out after the break.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amazing In-Game Graphics

I thought I'd post this trailer in case some of you hadn't seen it yet. This trailer is 100% from the in-game graphics engine. Check it out.

Black Ops 2 MP Info Allegedly Leaked - Perks and Weapons

Just before the world reveal, MP1st got leaked information on the upcoming CoD game, Black Ops 2.

Note: This could however be fake, but we have to wait until we get confirmation. Seeing how Treyarch isn't taking much action, this could be real because normally they shoot down quick rumours.

Here is all the MP info that was leaked right after the break.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Black Ops 2 Logo Leaked?

Black Ops 2, the next addition to the Call of Duty franchise, set to release on November 13th, just had a logo leak. The image above is apparently the official Black Ops 2 logo. In a previous article on Teck Daily, it was said Black Ops 2 might be released on November 13th. This poster pretty much confirms that.

New Staff Member

A new staff member has joined our team. I would like to welcome, Johnathan. He will be in charge of advertising and be writing articles.

This is the staff so far:

Zealot - Lead Writer and Founder
Yahya Thai - Researcher, Website designer, and Co-Founder.
Johnathan - Writer, Researcher, and Marketer

Friday, April 27, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 coming out on November 13th?

The new Call of Duty game being revealed on May 1st is drawing a lot of attention. There are many different sources claiming to have pictures of the game cover, game lists etc. The name usually being used is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

The name has been used on several different things including this pre-order card. A consumer took this picture of this card at a Target store. This was originally posted in a joystiq article.

This release date would be near the Halo 4 release date, when it was already expected to be released.

Is the Samsung Galaxy SIII being revealed?

There has been hundreds of rumors spreading over the net about the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, but most of them are complete nonsense. We have no idea what the phone will look like, what we should expect from the phone, and if it is actually the Samsung Galaxy SIII. However, it has been an Android phone we all anticipated and everyone keeps everyone keeps talking about it.

Can't wait what's coming up in the near future? About a week ago, Samsung enticed many people with this picture that gave them a clue about what to expect with the new Galaxy phone. This picture on the right, in the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 app, shows that it will be unveiled on the 3rd of May.

This week, Samsung has released two teaser videos. The first teaser video is about a website called (which is now down). Unscrambling the letters will get 'The Next Galaxy' and the actual teaser is at Here are 2 teaser videos after the break;

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black Ops 2 Pictures Leaked

Photos of the Quadrotor, a vehicle in the Call of Duty game that was also featured in a FPSRussia video, were leaked online by Reel EFX. Reel EFX is the special effects company that made the effects in the FPSRussia video. Here are the pictures after the break:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Was Skyrim A Disappointment?

Note: This is not supposed to be a serious review, just me giving my thoughts.
Time for a review! What better game to review than Skyrim, a game that you either love or hate. I know, I know, I'm late by half a year. However, I thought I would point out the flaws and the strengths of this game.  The review continues after the break.

So, without further ado, FUS RO DAH!

Midnight Purple 3DS to be release in America next month? (Rumour)

Over a year ago, when it launched, the Nintendo 3DS only allowed two colours, Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. However, just two colours didn't give enough variety to consumer, so the choices increased to five colours in the US market.  A few days ago, it appears there is another rumour spreading that another colour of the 3DS will become available for purchase.
What the Midnight Purple 3DS would look like

There are five colours of the 3DS available in the US market, and, compared to the other Nintendo DS's, that's a lot. According to a user in GameFAQs, in EB Games under the 3DS hardware list, there was another colour listed, Midnight Purple.

More information after the break.

New Call of Duty Game Being Revealed on May 1st!

Call of Duty homepage.
Days after 343i announced the release date of Halo 4, Activision announced that they would reveal the new game, and it's release date, on May 1st on TNT, during the NBA playoffs. It is expected to be released around the same time as Halo 4. November has always been a great time for releases. In 2011, Call of Duty: MW3, Halo: CE Anniversary, Assassins Creed: Revelation, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Saints Row the Third, and L.A. Noire were released in November. In 2010, most of these games predecessors were released.

The website homepage features thirteen windows, one that you can see and click on, another that is fuzzy, and eleven others that are marked as "classified". The first window leads to an FPSRussia video, it is expected that one window will become clear each day up until the launch.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Halo 4 Release Date

Halo 4's release date has finally been announced, November 6th, 2012! This release date is in the same window of two other big releases, GTA 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Although both of these games release dates have not been made official, GTA 5 is expected to be released somewhere in October or November 2012, and Black Ops 2 is expected to be released on either November 6th, or 13th, 2012.

More information after the beak.

Google Drive Launch

The Google Drive logo.
Google has just unveiled their newest gadget, Google Drive. Made as a competitor for Dropbox and Skydrive, Google drive uses the same method, cloud storage. Google Drive offers free 5GB storage right off the bat, compared to Dropbox's 2GB, and Skydrive's 7GB in the new update - users previously had 25GB.

Users can pay more money for more storage. The highest amount of storage available is 16TB for $800 dollars a month! Not sure who'd need 16TB of storage, but there's a huge backup hard drive!

Google has also integrated a search feature, allowing users to search by keyword, or filter by owner, file type, and activity. There is also an integrated image search feature.

Wait! There's more after the break.