A list of all the latest rumours in the gaming/technology world. List will be updated frequently.
Authenticity rating:
Confirmed - Confirmed by the company.
On Fire - Authentic sources are confirming it.
Sizzling - Being talked about by many sites, yet to be confirmed by any authentic sources.
Mild - Being talked about by a couple sites.
Cold - Recently surfaced.
Frozen - Proven to be untrue.

Sizzling - Bayonetta 2 was shelved.

Sizzling - Nexon thinking of buying EA.

Sizzling - Rayman Origins 2 A.K.A Rayman Legends, is in development. Ubisoft has registered Raymond Legends domains, and it was also leaked out through a marketing survey.

Sizzling - iPhone 5 to be unveiled in June at the WWDC


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