Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII Screen Protector Leaked

Just a few days left, the new Samsung Galaxy SIII will soon be unveiled on May 3rd. People are going to love the unveiling and are going crazy for it. There is one more leaked rumour related to the new Samsung Galaxy SIII.

According to the people over at Unwire HK in Korea, they got there hands on the Samsung Galaxy SIII Screen Protector last morning in North America (because of different time zones, there is a day difference in Korea). The screen protector they received is a mystery product made by USG and the product appears only for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.  Here are the pictures of the screen protector comparison with other Android phones after the break.

Included two Screen Protectors in the package

Size comparison with the Samsung Galaxy SII

Size Comparison with the Samsung Galaxy SII LTE

Size comparison with HTC One X
After the size comparison between different Android phones, you'll see that the Samsung Galaxy SIII has a bigger screen than the others, meaning that the rumored 4.8-inch screen might be true. The good news is that the screen protector isn't as wider than any Android phone compared, because a thicker phone is not what we all want.

Are you feeling crazier now? What do you think about the dimension size of the screen?

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