Friday, April 27, 2012

Is the Samsung Galaxy SIII being revealed?

There has been hundreds of rumors spreading over the net about the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, but most of them are complete nonsense. We have no idea what the phone will look like, what we should expect from the phone, and if it is actually the Samsung Galaxy SIII. However, it has been an Android phone we all anticipated and everyone keeps everyone keeps talking about it.

Can't wait what's coming up in the near future? About a week ago, Samsung enticed many people with this picture that gave them a clue about what to expect with the new Galaxy phone. This picture on the right, in the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 app, shows that it will be unveiled on the 3rd of May.

This week, Samsung has released two teaser videos. The first teaser video is about a website called (which is now down). Unscrambling the letters will get 'The Next Galaxy' and the actual teaser is at Here are 2 teaser videos after the break;

"Truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life. Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand. Your view of the world grows even wider. As you gain the power to explore it freely and swiftly. With technology that fits in this easily, you can now stand out from everyone else"


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