Sunday, May 06, 2012

Diablo III: What are we looking for in this game?

Since there isn’t much more than a week left until the long expected release of Diablo III, I wanted to take a look at the things we want in this game. There isn’t, of course, a guarantee that everyone wants those things, but I can say that a lot of people do.

1: Innovation.

This is quite an obvious one, of course we are looking for innovation; it’s been almost 11 long years! When I talk about innovation in the game, I mean new system mechanics, new spells, more monsters, epic events, bigger bosses and an even deeper going storyline.

2: The old formula.  

Looks quite contradictory to put this one beneath “innovation”, doesn’t it? It is true, though! Even though we all want new stuff and a lot of innovation, we also want the things that made us love Diablo I and II. We want the different acts, the number of totally different classes and the item system. We all want new things, but let’s be honest; if blizzard was to release a new version of the game which was the same as Diablo II ( same graphics etc ) but with 5 totally new acts and maybe 1 new class, a lot of people would’ve bought it. Why? Because we all loved Diablo II, the formula works. So if Blizzard was to mix the good things of Diablo II with the new stuff they came up with over the past 10 or 11 years, this might become one of the greatest games ever.

3: A good Player versus Player (pvp) system.

Everyone loves the Player versus Monster (pvm) system of Diablo, but if Blizzard were to pull off a really good pvp system, it would make the game so much better than it already is. We aren’t 100% sure how the Arena system is going to work. But boy, it could be ridiculously fun, both for the casual and the hardcore player!

4: A Player versus Monster system that never gets boring.

And when I say never, I really mean never. After 10 years of Diablo II, there are still lots of people who don’t get bored when they play the adventurous pvm aspect of the game. Even I sometimes have the urge to play the entire game over, just by myself, or with a friend; even though I have been playing the game for over 10 years and I have completed it at least a hundred times ( by completing I mean finishing the storyline ). Let’s just hope that Diablo 3 will last as long as its prequel. I wouldn’t mind having a game for the next decade that I would want to play at any given time.

5: Better anti-hacking/anti-bots security.

Not everyone might have been bothered by the hackers and bots of Diablo, but 99.99% of the online players have. At least 50% of the online games you see on Diablo II nowadays consist of bots doing runs over and over again. And when you are in a game, odds are that you will be spammed by bots that are advertising for their websites. If that isn’t bad enough, almost everyone has heard of the infamous Maphack, it’s basically an hack that reveals the entire map. Although I know that Maphack can be really useful for certain situations, it’s wrong and it shouldn’t be possible in Diablo III.

6: Easter eggs.

Why do we want Easter eggs? Four words : Secret Cow Level, man.
Look it up if you have never heard of it before, trust me, it’s worth your time.

Will Blizzard live up to all these expectations? I think so, I hope so, but I can’t know for sure. Check back a few days after the release of Diablo III, for a verdict.


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